Yakutti guarantees your encounter with beautiful brands with beautiful stories and unique limited collections. We are committed to forging and preserving precious relationships with our partner designers as they advance their artistry, define their brand identities and tell their stories. We are invested in creating platforms and experiences where our customers more than buy. They instead get to define their own authentic aesthetic, to live their values of ethical and responsible purchasing, and to engage with our partners’ brand stories.

Our Values

We champion brilliance

We work with independent brands that are constantly inventing and reinventing their design practices, those that are unafraid to write compelling stories and identities.

We believe in meaningful design

We publish engaging stories that tell of our partner designers’ journeys, inspiration, and impact within their communities. Because we believe that design should be meaningful.

We cherish the preciousness of our relationships and the authenticity of our values

Our customers become our members. We believe in preserving precious relationships with both our partner designers and our members, and know that our shared belief, values and stories cement our relationships.

Our Team

Nkatha Gitonga

In a little jewelry shop in the middle of Cape Town, Nkatha sat down to a delicious glass of Chenin Blanc from Stellenbosch. A couple of feet away was a […]
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Mbula Nzuki

There couldn’t exist a better go-getter exemplar than Mbula. She excels at identifying opportunity and taking charge. So when she heard of Yakutti, of their vision to contribute to the […]
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