Mbula Nzuki

There couldn’t exist a better go-getter exemplar than Mbula. She excels at identifying opportunity and taking charge. So when she heard of Yakutti, of their vision to contribute to the advancement of design in Africa by innovating designers’ supply, retail and engagement chains, and of their approach in which fashion went beyond glitz to incorporate the individual and societal pursuit of meaning through the definition, study and experience of issues such culture, gender, and identity, she was in.

She not only believes in Yakutti’s vision but also has a wealth of experience and a grasp of meaning to contribute. Her interests in youth empowerment, governance and economic inclusion have seen her, a lawyer by training, use her skills to develop high powered projects such as a Power Africa Transactions and Reforms country implementation plan that by fostering cooperation among private sector actors, NGOs and local communities aims to protect the interests and rights of the latter.

Mbula’s goal-driven predisposition constantly reminds us of the vision that inspires our efforts, but it is her original blend of style, power and personality that keeps the style we curate at Yakutti both authentic and sophisticated.