Nkatha Gitonga

In a little jewelry shop in the middle of Cape Town, Nkatha sat down to a delicious glass of Chenin Blanc from Stellenbosch. A couple of feet away was a jewelry display with pieces so magnificently and artfully designed she might as well have been viewing a Picasso. Grandiose much? Probably. But an idea was thus born.

What if art and jewelry lovers from all over the world, could buy unique jewelry from precious boutiques like this one, commission bespoke treasures like the ones she was viewing, and book studio appointments that could double as wine tastings.

She further refined the idea in the course of an entrepreneurship class at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and when she graduated she incorporated it as Yakutti.

The idea has come to include much more than giving jewelry lovers the thrill of a lavish experience at a design studio.

It now constitutes a focus on working with designers with compelling stories that are pursuing impact-driven business models, and a commitment to contribute to the advancement of design and design approaches in Africa through creating growth opportunities for designers, state-of-the-art design spaces for creatives and other support infrastructure such as financing.