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Alexander Betty

Nairobi, Kenya
For Alexander Betty, luxury is sustainable, and style is value-laden. Each piece is conceived to exude unique elegance, and each conceived design is executed with the masterly of metal smithing and horn carving traditions passed across generations of artisans, who are fairly paid to foster their empowerment and nurture a creative environment from which springs forth stylish magnificence.

Kipato Unbranded

Nairobi, Kenya
Ordinary people inspire, design and craft Kipato Unbranded jewelry. It is "by ordinary people for ordinary people." Yet within this unaffected ordinariness, is a commitment to design that empowers, design that is beautiful, design that is unique.

Chic Shega

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
A rich Ethiopian heritage lays the foundation for design at Chic Shega, so does a commitment to heartfelt handmaking, that Elsa, the creative behind Chic Shega, believes to foster human connectedness.

Niku Singh

Nairobi, Kenya
Niku Singh considers each piece in his exclusive collections a piece of art. The exquisite handiwork, the creative fusing of cultures, and the rarity of the designs that together define each piece make his such a befitting description

Nyumbani Design

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Carved by hand from beautiful wood, each Nyumbani Design piece combines the elegance of clean geometric lines and the edge of sculpturally inspired jewelry


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