Brilliantly imagined, passionately crafted

We curate the designer jewelry we bring to you for brilliance, uniqueness and elegance. We partner with jewelry designers that truly know jewelry.
Each partner jewelry designer creates for a distinctive woman that has a personal style that is at once stylish, powerful and authentic. And each partner jewelry designer is building a brand driven by excellence in craftsmanship, love for the artistry, a strong belief in production and value chains that are socially and eco-consciosly aware, and a commitment to work that is inherently impact-driven.

Long Jean Silver Designs

Cape Town, South Africa
Lookbook: Timeless elegance | Unique sophistication
Ethics: Develop local industry
In a workshop in Cape Town, Jeanie is building and nurturing a culture of designing well, and designing sustainably. Silver and genuine gemstones are handcrafted with superior skill into beautiful jewelry, in a process that upholds sustainable and fair trade and fuels skills’ growth for a team that absolutely loves what it does.


Cape Town, South Africa
Lookbook: Bold elegance | Distinct chic
Ethics: Innovation and design growth in Africa | Sustainable handcrafting
Each unique and spontaneous piece at Iloni Jewellery is part of a larger storytelling theme with distinct color palettes and specific materials. Madri’s design is unpredictably bold, and her ranges span from the elegantly simple, to the subtly statement-making, to the decidedly sophisticated

Embody Accessories

Nairobi, Kenya
Lookbook: Sleek with a twist | Quirky edge
Ethics: Recycled materials | Sustainable handcrafting
At Embody Accessories, Evlyn designs jewelry that is beautiful. Jewelry whose simple lines and classic shapes are all elegant yet fun and bold with a quirky twist. Embody's designs are all handcrafted using upcycled materials and wire.

Suhaa Schmitz

Kigali, Rwanda
Lookbook: Boho chic | Casually bold
Ethics: Africa-only ethical sourcing
In Kigali, Rwanda, Suhaa and her team brilliantly conceive and design uniquely glamorous jewelry collections, that handmade in one-offs and limited editions, are unlike jewelry you will find elsewhere. Suhaa prides herself in traversing co-operatives and crafts markets in Kigali, Kampala, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, in search of inspiration and materials that culminate into collections that are truly African. She will then delightfully throw in a Swarovski crystal hither and thither because. . .we all were meant to sparkle.

Alexander Betty

Nairobi, Kenya
Lookbook: Bold elegance
Ethics: Artistic traditions preservation | Artisans' skills growth and fair compensation
For Alexander Betty, luxury is sustainable, and style is value-laden. Each piece is conceived to exude unique elegance, and each conceived design is executed with the masterly of metal smithing and horn carving traditions passed across generations of artisans, who are fairly paid to foster their empowerment and nurture a creative environment from which springs forth stylish magnificence.

Kipato Unbranded

Nairobi, Kenya
Lookbook: Chic style | Boho chic |
Ethics: job creation | Artisans' skills growth and fair compensation and profit sharing
Ordinary people inspire, design and craft Kipato Unbranded jewelry. It is "by ordinary people for ordinary people." Yet within this unaffected ordinariness, is a commitment to design that empowers, design that is beautiful, design that is unique.

Chic Shega

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Lookbook: Rustic chic | Earthy elegance
Ethics: Fair trade practices | Artisans' fair compensation | Ethical sourcing | Local industry growth
A rich Ethiopian heritage lays the foundation for design at Chic Shega, so does a commitment to heartfelt handmaking, that Elsa, the creative behind Chic Shega, believes to foster human connectedness.

Niku Singh

Nairobi, Kenya
Lookbook: Unique elegance | Sophisticated style
Ethics: Artistic traditions' preservation | Design growth in Africa
Niku Singh considers each piece in his exclusive collections a piece of art. The exquisite handiwork, the creative fusing of cultures, and the rarity of the designs that together define each piece make his such a befitting description

Nyumbani Design

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Lookbook: Stylish individuality | Bold elegance
Carved by hand from beautiful wood, each Nyumbani Design piece combines the elegance of clean geometric lines and the edge of sculpturally inspired jewelry

Our partner jewelry designers share your values

At Yakutti, we, along with our partner jewelry designers, are committed to creating a platform that engages women who share our belief in living fully, unapologetically, in awareness, driven by our deepest ideals and inspired by our wildest dreams.

Impact-driven designers and brands run our designer jewelry boutiques. You will find chic collections by designers who share your values and who work on causes you can get behind.

Our partner jewelry designers are doing work and driving impact you want to support

Among our partners, are jewelry designers working to empower artisans through skills’ training and fair profit sharing, jewelry designers working towards sustainable fashion production chains and responsible shopping by designing from recycled materials and working with conservation organizations on initiatives such as planting trees, and jewelry designers working to advance jewelry design in Africa by sourcing only ethically and only African, preserving African artistic traditions and innovating with unusual materials.

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For women making a difference

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For women making a difference

Reading Toni Morrison


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