What jewelry to wear

Yakutti's Editor Notes

Edits curated to specifically meet your present jewelry needs. What jewelry to wear today is unique yet the wearable, stylish and timeless.

It is an elegant blend of selections that just work.

Wear to work

Accessorize your work necklines and collars with uniquely handcrafted statements from Cape Town's Iloni. Elegant colors and distinctive detail sets this selection apart

Wear to work: editor notes

Layer Iloni's necklaces on round and buttoned-up necklines, or beneath open necklines for a statement look that is bold yet polished

Making statements

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This fall. & Beyond

From Chic Shega, a beautifully handwoven scarf to keep your warmly comforted, and an ethically handmade crossbody bag to leave your hands tucked in your trench pockets

Elegant style edits: Yakutti's distinctive jewelry selections that work today

We laud originality, we celebrate boldness. Elegant jewelry for the woman poised for greatness is not necessarily pearly, expensive, golden or diamond-crusted. It, however, belongs uniquely to her and refines her grace as she puts her best foot forward to contribute in the world.   We are set apart by-:  

Distinctive collections

Limited jewelry editions & unique collections by value-driven and impact-driven artists & designers

Incredible women

The women in our community wear different, want different, believe in difference and make a difference.
Our elegant jewelry boutiques reflect this firm belief in authenticity of style. They feature the statement and the understated, the avant-garde and the retro, the silver and the aluminium, the timeless and the trendy, the pearl and the wooden, the golden and the brass, the polished and the rustic, the vintage and the contemporary. Shared among them, are designer narratives that are impact-driven and ethically responsible, and shopper discernment that is value-driven and eco-socially aware.   Shop elegant jewelry from designer jewelry boutiques that are curated for brand values and superior artistry. Select different designer boutiques, shop multi-brand categories, or explore style edits. Select elegant jewelry pieces that best represents your personal style, or pick one that doesn’t (yet) as your style evolves. Discover style tips on our item pages, through our style edits, and on Ysttyle. Message our stylists for help choosing and styling pieces. Write and/or call to hold us to our promise to make shopping on Yakutti pleasant and convenient.  
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For women making a difference

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Some reflections. And one last thing before you leave. . .
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For women making a difference


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Some reflections. And one last thing before you leave. . .
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