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Elegantly delicate silver and pearl rings: thoughtfully ethical handcrafting

The timeless made distinctive

A sparkly pearly lightness, handcrafted thoughtfully in a Cape Town studio where giving back & crafting ethically matter

[product_picks_right intro=”Fresh water pearls add a classic touch of elegance to dainty ring bands for an elegantly distinctive look. At Long Jean Silver Designs, craftsmanship is brilliantly conceived and thoughtfully inspired” title=”Timeless elegance” ids=”8829,8833″ columns=”2″ image=”https://yakutti.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/silver-pearl-rings-delicate-elegance.jpg”]
[style_edit_designer_story_display intro=”Thoughtful craftsmanship” story=”For Jeanie and her team, loving what you do is an achievable feat once you infuse it with a meaningful strive for excellence and for principle.” title=”Ethics at LJS” boutique=”https://yakutti.com/designer/long-jean-silver-designs/” image=”https://yakutti.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/long-jean-silver-designs-Jeanie.jpg”]
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