Women’s Jewelry Brands by Women Making a Difference

Women’s Jewelry Brands by Impact-Driven Women Owned Designer Brands

In Dar es Salaam, in Cape Town, in Nairobi, in Addis Ababa, women are changing the way we do fashion, they way we live in awareness in the world, the way we wear our jewelry.

At Embody Accessories, Evlyn leads a team of creatives to design elegant collections in upcyled materials

Design that protects the environment

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At Kipato Unbranded, Marta works with artisans in Nairobi to advance their skills and provide fair employment

Artisanship that creates livelihoods

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At Iloni, Madri redefines and advances African design by designing and experimenting with unusual materials

Craftsmanship with alternative narratives

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At Chic Shega, leather is sourced responsibly, artisans are compensated fairly and Ethiopian artistic traditions are preserved, because Elsa believes in chic that is meaningful.

Ethical sourcing that's truly African

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Suhaa traverses East Africa, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kigali, sourcing authentic materials, because a brand that believes in growing its local industry must believe in a truly African value chain

Sourcing in Africa

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At Alexander Betty, metal smithing and horn carving traditions are honored and preserved by artisans that love what they do, artisans that are compensated fairly

Preserving tradition

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