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How to wear a minimalist ring stack: expertly dainty

The refined daintiness of a minimalist ring stack means that it will work for nearly all outfits and all occasions. There are no rules, no faux pas.

But because most of us, well some of us, love the feeling of masterly that comes from having conceptual narratives to explain why we do things how we do, here are some tips for an expertly done minimalist ring stack that is more masterly than guess work.

1. Complement your outfits

For boho chic, add an airy dainty stack to complete the breezy drape of casual cashmere and chiffon cover-ups, tops, dresses and wide-legged pants.

Complement an elevated casual look in dark palettes with a set of rings in mixed thicknesses.

To accessorize a powerful formal look, try a stack of rings whose bands are flatter and more imposing, but which still have clean lines and shapes.


2. Distribute sparsely

A sparse distribution will ensure that your stack retains its minimalist elegance.

Keep bands thin, details small, and proximity fairy distant. For instance, try a single band on your pinkie finger, distribute at most four bands across the base, middle and top parts(called proximal,middle and distal phalanges!) of your ring and middle finger, then finish up with one ring to the middle of your pointed or thumb fingers.


3. Do a single color palette.

With a mixed color palette, your stack will border more on an edgy fashion-forward look than on a minimalist one. Where edgy fashion-forward accessorizing adds flair, minimalist accessorizing adds poise. A single color palette will result in a more effective minimalist ring stack


4. Don’t do boring

Doing single palettes and smaller bands does not necessarily mean that your minimalist stack should end up boring. Try thin bands with sleekly designed open or spiral ends and with pendants in clean geometrical lines.


5. Go for balance

Do balance symmetrically or asymmetrically for a beautiful dainty stack. Distribute a stack of more than three rings across the proximal, middle and top parts of your finger or across all fingers. Pair thicker bands with thinner bands in balanced patterns, and match classic designs with modern ones in more balanced patterns.


6. Ultimately aim for comfort.

Do not stack rings on fingers or on joints of parts that feel uncomfortable. Rearrange stacks that feel uncomfortable. Anticipate how you will use your hands and accessorize accordingly.


How To Accessorize

Is there such a thing as too much jewelry: when to wear statement jewelry to the office and everywhere else

Our muse for gorgeous statement jewelry, especially statement necklaces, is one formidable Diane Lockhart. If you’re yet to claim a corner office at a top Chicago law firm though, you might struggle to create bold expressions of personality and personal style, however authentic. Is there such a thing as too much jewelry? When do you know when your are overdoing it? And when to wear statement jewelry that authentically defines your personal style, a personal style that accurately depicts the person you are and want to bring to the work place.

Striking the balance so that personal style is a tool that advances your personal and professional goals can be difficult, but once you get a hang of it, it’s effortless. We have some tips for how to get comfortable with bold and unique accessorizing, and when to wear statement jewelry that stands out with you.

1. Start by accessorizing casual looks with statement jewelry

Accessorizing casual outfits when the stakes are low is a good strategy for getting comfortable with statement jewelry. Use statement accessorizing that completes casual outfits and pulls them together. For instance, long bold chains that drape with boho maxis, sculptural bracelets that complement structured blouses, sleekly structured statement earrings that complement minimalist outfits and hair-cuts, etc.



2. Acquire statement pieces that reflect an element of your personal style

Statement jewelry draws attention to itself, so the more closely aligned it is to your personal style, and your values the better. Get quirky statement jewelry to reflect your art-deco tastes, get boldly colored jewelry to reflect your love for the limelight, acquire sustainably jewelry to reflect your belief in your personal responsibility to live consciously, purchase pieces from across cultures to reflect your interest in travel.

If you are wearing statement jewelry that draws complements and starts conversations, it might as well start conversations about the kinds of things that you care about.


3. Use statement jewelry to layer interesting silhouettes and looks

Layer a statement necklace as a bib beneath your collars, get a quirky choker to peak from beneath the collar of your shirt, layer a statement brooch from beneath the lapels of a structured blazer(guess who inspired this idea!?), stack a statement but sleekly designed bracelet with your puffy sleeves, layer jewelry in the same color as the rest of your outfit. . . Create new interesting looks by layering statement jewelry with the details of your outfit



4. Elevate classics and essentials

If your statement jewelry completes the rest of your looks, it should add to classics and essentials. Accessorize simple solid colored tees with statement jewelry that instantly transforms your look and accessorize LBDs and other sheath dresses with jewelry that elevates them.



5. Accessorize revealing cuts

Fill a plunging neckline with a bold chain, add a pendant or long statement earrings to your off-shoulder cuts. Embrace sexy confidently while drawing attention away, or at least distracting it.


Now get to rocking bold!

How To Accessorize

Unapologetically Serena Williams. And the jewelry tips she would back us on

“It’s shameful that our society penalizes women just for being themselves.” Serena Williams writes for Harper’s Bazaar. And she has had to endure more than her share of penalties. Media commentators making racist and sexist remarks about her appearance and her strength have always seemed unimpressed by her hard work and commitment to a sport she loves and triumphs in. It is a tragedy actually that our celebration of these virtues should be so tarnished.

Yet, we now live in a world in which a woman once derided for “lugging around breasts that are registered to vote in a different US state from the rest of her” has graced the covers of fashion magazines and flaunted un-retouched nudity in all its glory. Such a world rejects singular beauty standards that are set by the Trumps, it rejects a world in which women’s bodies are gazed upon, judged and policed, it attempts to define beauty authentically, honestly, fairly, because let’s be honest, beauty needs definition. Our obsessions with unhealthy thinness and with eternal youth in which the fashion models that sell women beauty look like children and anorexics is life-robbing. So when the universe gifts us the life-affirming strong, passionate, and becoming woman-hood that is Serena Williams, we are all here for it!

Head over to Serena William’s essay for some strong-woman camaraderie. And while at it, borrow the following tips that make for gorgeous accessorizing.

1. Keep statement earrings statement

Notice how Serena pairs her statement drop earrings with a dainty chain, and keeps her super long earrings unpaired. If you invest in and wear a statement pair, let it do the significant accessorizing it was supposed to.


2. Stack an elegant wrist

Stylish stacks that include your timepiece and a matching bracelet make for some sophisticated chic. The bracelet need not match the time-piece, but the more thoughtful its details the better.


3. Spot a beautiful anklet for your ankle strap

This is such brilliant pairing. And an easy transition if you will be trying anklets for the first time. We will be trying it absolutely!

How To Accessorize

4 chic ways to accessorize a color-blocked outfit

Color blocking is fun, it’s stylish, and it’s the easiest method to power-dress with an impactful outfit that turns heads and makes you unforgettable. So how do you accessorize your color-blocked outfit just as powerfully?

1. Combine all your blocked colors in an accessory

This is a tall order, but we think it’s super cool!

2. Go neutral

When in doubt, go neutral. Well, just don’t be in doubt. But if you are, this is a reliable option.

3. Get solid-colored accessories that match to one of your block colors

You get cleaner more elegant color blocks. This might be our favorite method.

4. Complexify your color-block

To borrow a term from Bezos, complexify! Add a third or fourth color block with your accessories.

How To Accessorize

3 super elegant ways to jazz up a monochromatic outfit

Your wardrobe has endless possibilities once you learn how to accessorize it. And because many of us tend towards wardrobe additions in our favorite colors or shades of it, it is not unusual to have seemingly unpairable pieces in similar shades. Seemingly unpairable because you have probably read editorials discouraging pairing black and grays, different shades of blacks, or blues and navies. Well, we think you can safely discard your list of color faux-pas and get to acccessorizing!

Here are some tips:

1. Color-block your accessories with your outfit’s color

Either choose accessories of a single solid color that creates an elegant color block with your outfit, or choose accessories that color-block multiple colors, adding structured and decided dimension to your outfit’s single color. Both options are all the sophistication your single-tone outfit needs.


2. Match up your accessories

Go all the way and get accessories in a similar color to your outfits. This is a bold choice that will work well if your colors are in different textures. We have in mind a leather midi, a silk blouse, and a suede clutch — in red, black, or camel tones. Oh so sexy!

3. Keep it safe with neutrals

Stick to the reliable neutrals that could never go wrong, especially if you are trying a color for the first time or still dipping your toes with monochromatic styles.

4.Pattern up your outfit’s color

Break the monochrome stylishly by adding a pattern that has the same color to the mix.

How To Accessorize

Unlikely tips from the Oscars: Styling chic chokers and short strand necklaces

What necklace to wear with which outfit, with which necklines, with which earrings, with which hair cuts? We found 3 easy stylish pairings from — you’d never guess it! — the Oscars! Sometimes the elegant, even the glamorous, is simple.

1. Layer dazzling layers on a high neck

You can cover up and simultaneously bedazzle — if you know just how to do it right.

2. Pair a narrow plunge with a short strand that rests at the top

Plunging necklines don’t always call for long chains that plunge along. This is especially brilliant accessorizing fora narrow plunge.

3. Upgrade your blazer looks

Your tuxedo blazer really doesn’t need an upgrade, your other blazers do. Get a beautiful short strand to peek elegantly from beneath the lapels

How To Accessorize

Spring 2018 Jewelry Trends: 3 Super Edgy Jewelry Pieces To Update Your Ordinary Wardrobe

Any fashion stylist will tell you that your jewelry can easily transition your closet from one season to the next. To help your styling get into the spring fever, we’ve rounded up our favorite 3 items from spring 2018 jewelry trends – we curated them because they have just about the right amount of edge to rile up an ordinary wardrobe.

1. 90s Everything

90s jewelry is where the 90s look really comes alive. Start off by bringing back the best of the old days with a sparkly charm anklet. Just in the time for shorts weather, adorn your ankles with a little subtle bling. You get bonus points if a little diamante stud or translucent pearl hangs off of it!

When it comes to your hands, the stacked rings trend also gets a new springtime addition: a quirky brass pinky ring.


2. Supersized earrings

Adorn your earlobes in the most extravagant statement earrings you can find. Get in on the trend with big bold designs, luminous neon color and glitzy hanging chandeliers.
Top off the ultra-bling aesthetic with a pair of slinky micro cat-eye sunglasses – the must-have eyewear essential of 2018!


3. Nature-inspired pendants on fabric chains

Go boho or casual chic in velvet chokers with beautiful pendants, or bold pendants hanging from satin chains. Did we say supersized’s trendy?


4. Beachy Boho Basics

Okay, technically it might not be beach weather quite yet. But while we wait, we’re going gaga for beach-inspired jewelry. Everything from bohemian layered necklaces to unicorn charms hanging from pendants and bracelets. The only real rules for spring jewelry this year is bright, booming color and statement-making style!


How To Accessorize

Matching Shoes And Bags, Faux Pas? How To Polish Your Color-Coordination For 2018.

The runways at this year’s New York Fashion Week were filled with all things 80s. We saw everything from shoulder-pads to neon animal print. Our favorite though? The resurgence of color coordinated clothing. Yep, matchy-matchy dressing is back, everyone! But if wearing one color from top to toe sounds like 80s overkill, we’ve got the tips and tricks for matching your shoes and bags and other accessories and for incorporating it into your 2018 style.

1. Elegance in nude shades

Wear a shade of nude that flatters your skin tone – a fitted dress, stiletto heels and a matching handbag all in a blushing soft nude make a breathtaking and ultra-feminine evening ensemble.

An added bonus: neutral nude makes your body appear taller as it draws the eye downwards from head to toe.

2. Monochromes with mixed textures

A prim pencil dress in dove gray worn with velvet gray pointed pumps and a matching gray envelope purse. Gorgeous, right? Amp up the color uniformity by playing with different textures of fabric. This adds subtle effortless sophistication – a must for ladylike office wear.

3. Prints and patterns in sync

On the topic of textures, plaids and checkered gingham are all the rage right now. Not sure what to pair them with? Just use the colors already present in the print. A blazer made up of black and dark green plaid, for example, goes beautifully with matching emerald green pumps and a color coordinated handbag. If street style is more your aesthetic, you could even pair it with a pair of patterned trainers in a matching shade. Oh so cool!

4. Bold makeup shades amplified

Get your matching shoes and bags to complement your statement lip, your smoky eyeliner, or your shiny eyeshadow. Think a golden eyeshadow sheen matched with sparkling strap stilettos for a night on the town.

Or fiery red pumps paired with a statement-making lip shade — think fire red lips, red stilettos and a little red clutch purse paired with a little black dress. The effect is daring and sexy yet super chic.


Photo: Pete Bellis

How To Accessorize

Make Accessorizing A Walk In The Park: 5 Pieces To Start Your Capsule Jewelry Collection

Fashions come and go, but there’s one addition to your wardrobe that will remain timeless forever: jewelry. By carefully selecting a few choice pieces, you can create a versatile capsule jewelry collection to last you through every season.

We bring you the five pieces of jewelry that every successful capsule jewelry collection should have.

1. Stud Earrings

No matter what your age, a pair of diamond stud earrings conveys a timeless elegance that suits every skin tone, face shape and personality type. Worn on its own or as part of a full set of jewelry, your diamond studs will add just the right touch of sparkle for any occasion.

2. A Gold Chain

Depending on your skin tone, find a shade of gold that works for you (tip: rose gold looks great on just about everybody). A simple gold chain can be worn either on its own for a minimalist effect, or layered with other strands of jewelry for a more luxe look.

3. A Classic Watch

This one is an investment piece; one that will carry you through the years and become a signature part of your ensemble. Choose one in a simple style that truly conveys your personality yet has a timeless feel to it.

4. Hoop Earrings

From casual weekend wear to formal office environments, a pair of hoop earrings goes with practically everything. Whether it’s a little black dress or a white T-shirt and jeans, small gold hoops will round off any look.

5. Pearls

This one may seem designed for older women but trust us, there is nothing classier than a string of pearls worn with an evening outfit. There’s a reason that everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Coco Chanel were ardent fans of these freshwater jewels – they’re timeless and unashamedly feminine. If you’re new to the trend, start with a simple pair of pearl earrings and watch the compliments start pouring in. You can also do pieces with a contemporary twist.

How To Accessorize

Fall Fashion: 5 Hot Ways To Accessorize The Hottest Color Of the Season

Red. It’s elegant, it’s fiery, it’s trendy this fall, it can be accessorized to look even hotter. So how to accessorize a red dress?

We have some tips for a hot dose of fiery accessorizing for your LRDs and for more.

Here goes:

1. Color block your clutches

Purples, fuchsias, blues, pinks, your play with color can only notch up your red.


2. Monochrome it

Get your shoes and clutches in more shades of red for head-to-toe stylish fieriness to go along with your red dress. They will look as great paired with a pantsuit or elegant tailored pants.


3. Accessories noirs

Add black elegance to your red. We’d opt for unique but sleek lines over statement intricate lines given the strength of the two colors. Our other favorite pairings include elegant black bib necklace paired with a red chiffon button down, a black tie choker with a red romper, or a black lariat necklace on a jumpsuit with a plunging neckline.


4. Metallics

Do silver and gold on shoes, on gleaming reflective purses, and on statement jewelry. Perfect accessories mix for the little red dress.

For a refined look, do fine jewelry in gold and silver .


5. Gemstones

Accessorize your red neckline with sophisticated gemstones. Onyx and pearl pieces are elegant, but we’d do color, think emeralds, agates, turquoises.