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Goodbye to the pantsuit?

No, not yet. Maybe never. Most likely, never. Definitely never. Pantsuits are here to stay.

The Daily Mail ran a feature on a “weary-looking” Hillary after her makeup-less appearance at the Children’s Defense Fund gala. The ugliness of the US Presidential election, in which women had “blood coming from [] wherever”, in which women were nasty, and in which they were grabbed “by the pussy”, was determined to not stop.

Yet Daily Mail’s article was only a minute detail in our society’s history of scrutinizing, policing, and criticizing women’s appearances. Such scrutiny is particularly acute for women leaders, and Clinton has had her own more-than-fair share.

She had never been seen in anything nearing sexy since her husband’s first term in office.

#Cleavagegate had her rose pantsuit revealing her cleavage on the Senate floor subjecting her peers to a discomfort equivalent to that of catching someone with an open fly. But oh wait, maybe we wouldn’t have minded so much had she revealed a bit more more. You know, stopped teasing us, the male gazers?

And what of those unsexy pantsuits?

And how could she be president when she lacked the look and the stamina befitting the role?

She can’t speak about inequality and wear a $12,000 jacket either. But we really don’t care that Obama’s are made of fine Italian wool. And we absolutely don’t care how much Trump spends on his.

Then their was scrunchiegate, and golden jewelry on leopard gown . . . and the list goes on.

We admire Clinton’s political resume. And matters fashion, we couldn’t be more wowed that her confident consistency saw her fashion critics become admirers. As far as her appearance at the Children’s Defense Fund gala, we are with Harper’s Bazaar — 🖕🏾

Of course this does not quell the anxiety of a lot of people following this election’s result, but the determination to keep working at our pantsuit nation values eventually will. We are rejecting the hypothesists that blame the celebration of multiple and intersecting identities for the Trump win — we must not silence the voices of hitherto silent groups because they upset a status quo with a single dominant identity. We must not result to simplistic explanations such as those that blame Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit feminism pitting it against Michelle Obama’s delicate-dress feminism.

Our pantsuit nation work has us boldly living our identities, ardently fighting for our voices, unapologetically being us.


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Image: Gage Skidmore


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