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3 super elegant ways to jazz up a monochromatic outfit

Your wardrobe has endless possibilities once you learn how to accessorize it. And because many of us tend towards wardrobe additions in our favorite colors or shades of it, it is not unusual to have seemingly unpairable pieces in similar shades. Seemingly unpairable because you have probably read editorials discouraging pairing black and grays, different shades of blacks, or blues and navies. Well, we think you can safely discard your list of color faux-pas and get to acccessorizing!

Here are some tips:

1. Color-block your accessories with your outfit’s color

Either choose accessories of a single solid color that creates an elegant color block with your outfit, or choose accessories that color-block multiple colors, adding structured and decided dimension to your outfit’s single color. Both options are all the sophistication your single-tone outfit needs.


2. Match up your accessories

Go all the way and get accessories in a similar color to your outfits. This is a bold choice that will work well if your colors are in different textures. We have in mind a leather midi, a silk blouse, and a suede clutch — in red, black, or camel tones. Oh so sexy!

3. Keep it safe with neutrals

Stick to the reliable neutrals that could never go wrong, especially if you are trying a color for the first time or still dipping your toes with monochromatic styles.

4.Pattern up your outfit’s color

Break the monochrome stylishly by adding a pattern that has the same color to the mix.

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