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4 chic ways to accessorize a color-blocked outfit

Color blocking is fun, it’s stylish, and it’s the easiest method to power-dress with an impactful outfit that turns heads and makes you unforgettable. So how do you accessorize your color-blocked outfit just as powerfully?

1. Combine all your blocked colors in an accessory

This is a tall order, but we think it’s super cool!

2. Go neutral

When in doubt, go neutral. Well, just don’t be in doubt. But if you are, this is a reliable option.

3. Get solid-colored accessories that match to one of your block colors

You get cleaner more elegant color blocks. This might be our favorite method.

4. Complexify your color-block

To borrow a term from Bezos, complexify! Add a third or fourth color block with your accessories.

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