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What To Do When In Doubt About Which Necklace To Wear With Which Neckline

Not sure what to wear with which neckline? Here’s a quick tip! Always go for your favorite pendant necklace when in doubt. It will draw attention to where it rests so wear an appropriate length for your favorite features. We would do medium lengths for work days, and elegant long ones for dressy days, and fun long ones for casual days. But do not overdo length if you’re not very tall.

If you exercise control on all things fashion however and would rather be deliberate about choosing the right necklace for your neckline, we have some tips.

1. Collared necklines

Get your necklace to work for both your buttoned and unbuttoned collars.

Wear your collared buttoned-down blouses with a bib necklace

Match unbuttoned collared blouses with short delicate pendant necklaces, statement bibs peeking from underneath your collar, or long pendant necklaces.


2. Round necklines

Most necklace lengths will do. Those that drape in the same shape as your neckline will look best.

Accessorize your round neckline with medium length necklaces or with long necklaces that clear the neckline

Pair your scoop neckline with necklaces that drape in the same shape as your neckline


3. High necklines

We love the look of long necklaces on high necklines.

Pair your polo and turtle necklines with long pendant necklaces or with short statement necklaces


Pair your crew neckline with short round necklaces or chokers, with a long pendant, or with a lariat or fringe necklace that starts right beneath the collar bone

Accessorize your boat necks with short necklaces or long beautiful ones


4. V necklines

Accessorize v-shaped necklines with pendant necklaces in the same shape

Pair plunging/deep v-shaped necklines with choker, lariat necklaces, long pendant necklaces, or layered long necklaces


5. Bare necklines

Pair your bare necklines (strapless, off-shoulder, heart-shaped necklines) with short statement necklaces, beautiful chokers, or long pendants


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