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Everyday Jewelry Lessons From Emmys 2017: Match Your Earrings with Your Hairdo

Where better to find inspiration for choosing the right earrings and for matching your earrings to your hairdo? Let’s look at Emmys 2017.

The red carpet looks are curated by a group of brands and stylists, and they might not get it right all the time, but they sure work hard at it.

So here goes.

1. Wear your edgy pixie cuts with elegant studs


2. Pair your side ponytail and side sweeps with long strand earrings


3. Match up your updos with stylish drop earrings


4. Get your fringe earrings to drape along with delicate side strands


5. Get your hoop earrings and your long drop earrings to peek through big hairdos


6. Layer statement bangles on both arms for dramatic edge


Emmy picture by elisfkc from Orlando, FL, United States


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