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Fall Fashion Trends: Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Jewelry and Accessories Trends

The temptation to wear dull palettes is high, the cold is annoying, and layering is such an arduous task. Add stylish charm to your outfits with exciting accessories that also happen to be in vogue this season. Your wardrobe might just slay the fall fashion trends!

See our Pinterest board below for more styling ideas. And as it turns out, our designer boutiques are right on trend — follow our image links to shop fashion forward additions.

Delicate touches

Covered necks and long sleeves can feel and look stifling, until of course you add delicate touches of dainty chains.


Preciously earthy

Add bold statements to covered and uncovered necklines with gem-full statement necklaces


Velvety-feel purses

Carry purses that are pleasant to touch even were earth to freeze over. Velvets and suedes will do that for you.


Subtle Punk

Add edge to your wardrobe with stylish chains, bold chokers and safety pins. See our board for inspiration!

Over the knee boots

Practical meets sexy. Pull off sexy miniskirts and little dresses without freezing.


What better place to derive fashion inspiration?

Embellished gloves

Olivia Pope’s are not embellished, but you just happen to be you?

Crossbody bags

Hands-free carrying does sound like a great idea for when those hands must be hidden in your coat pockets.


Dangle earrings

Make statements in a chunky pair of these!


Pearls with a twist

Think stacked pearl statement necklaces and elegant pearl hook earrings. See Michelle Obama’s earrings here for inspiration

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