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How To Wear A Long Necklace: Dainty Sets Styled

The long delicate necklace, especially one with an elegant pendant, possesses the beautiful ability to add a subtle yet confident charm to any outfit. Here’s how to wear a long necklace, and how to style some dainty pieces from Yakutti’s designer boutiques, Kipato Unbranded and Niku Singh.

1. Dress up plain solid-colored tops

You don’t have to look plain in your plain tops anymore! Wear a long pendant necklace to add flair to your casual tops and blouses, and to dresses and jumpsuits  with plain tops.


2. Add delicate interest to just as delicate fabrics

Further refine the delicacy of draping chiffon, silk, or cashmere with dainty pieces that dress up fine fabrics without subduing them.


3. Pair with plunging necklines

Add a dainty set to a plunging neckline for a decidedly fashion-forward look.


4. Unstifle high necklines

Balance out your high necked outfits with a long necklace that adds length to your neck — think boatnecks and crew necklines — and add some much needed subtle polish to near stifling turtlenecks.


5. Layer dainty pieces

Layering dainty pieces is in vogue and incredibly edgy. See more styling tips here.


Get the double strand square pendant necklace here for a stylish signature look, or get the twig pendant necklace here to add a delicate yet arresting charm to your outfits.


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