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How to wear a minimalist ring stack: expertly dainty

The refined daintiness of a minimalist ring stack means that it will work for nearly all outfits and all occasions. There are no rules, no faux pas.

But because most of us, well some of us, love the feeling of masterly that comes from having conceptual narratives to explain why we do things how we do, here are some tips for an expertly done minimalist ring stack that is more masterly than guess work.

1. Complement your outfits

For boho chic, add an airy dainty stack to complete the breezy drape of casual cashmere and chiffon cover-ups, tops, dresses and wide-legged pants.

Complement an elevated casual look in dark palettes with a set of rings in mixed thicknesses.

To accessorize a powerful formal look, try a stack of rings whose bands are flatter and more imposing, but which still have clean lines and shapes.


2. Distribute sparsely

A sparse distribution will ensure that your stack retains its minimalist elegance.

Keep bands thin, details small, and proximity fairy distant. For instance, try a single band on your pinkie finger, distribute at most four bands across the base, middle and top parts(called proximal,middle and distal phalanges!) of your ring and middle finger, then finish up with one ring to the middle of your pointed or thumb fingers.


3. Do a single color palette.

With a mixed color palette, your stack will border more on an edgy fashion-forward look than on a minimalist one. Where edgy fashion-forward accessorizing adds flair, minimalist accessorizing adds poise. A single color palette will result in a more effective minimalist ring stack


4. Don’t do boring

Doing single palettes and smaller bands does not necessarily mean that your minimalist stack should end up boring. Try thin bands with sleekly designed open or spiral ends and with pendants in clean geometrical lines.


5. Go for balance

Do balance symmetrically or asymmetrically for a beautiful dainty stack. Distribute a stack of more than three rings across the proximal, middle and top parts of your finger or across all fingers. Pair thicker bands with thinner bands in balanced patterns, and match classic designs with modern ones in more balanced patterns.


6. Ultimately aim for comfort.

Do not stack rings on fingers or on joints of parts that feel uncomfortable. Rearrange stacks that feel uncomfortable. Anticipate how you will use your hands and accessorize accordingly.


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