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How to wear long earrings:You’ve been styling them all wrong

We make a coherent assessment of people with the information that is immediately and easily available to us. The face happens to be the first source of information we have when we meet people, and while subsequent sources of information may challenge our first assessment, psychologically we tend to have a bias for confirming what we already know. Psychology aside, this just affirms all those hours you spend on makeup and skin care. And as it turns out, earrings are that important accessory that helps frame and draw attention to your face.

You might have been disastrously pairing your earrings and inadvertently having them do less than 100% to complement your hair-dos, outfits and beauty looks. How?


1. You’ve been pairing your long earrings with bejeweled necklines.

Creating a clash instead of a synergy.


2. You’ve been styling them with half-down and fully-down hair-dos.

You’ve had your long earrings hidden underneath layers and layers of curls. Or you’ve heard that unsexy situation where the fringes on your long earrings are intertwined in messy locks of hair.


3. You’ve been wearing your long earrings along with your statement and blingy necklaces.

Creating another clash of embellishing wills.


4. You’ve been ignoring the proportions of your face.

You’ve been adding length when you should have been adding width, and vice versa.


5. You’ve invested poorly.

Poor design, cheap coloring and imitation are hard to hide in statement, chunky, and large-sized jewelry. Opt for elegance.


So, how to wear long earrings?

Here’s a guide on how to wear long earrings so that they complement rather than break all the work you’ve put into looking fly.


1. Wear to frame your face.

Long earrings add length to your face. They therefore work well for oval, round and square face shapes.

The trick is to go for balance — do long earrings with wide tips, for instance those on chandelier earrings, if you have a pointed chin, do thin tips, for instance those on single-fringe long earrings, if you have a wider chin.

If you have no idea what the shape of your face is, we stole a trick for you. Look at yourself on a mirror and draw an outline of your face with a sharpie.


2. Complement your hair-do.

The hair is another accessory that helps frame your face. Get it to work with your earrings instead of competing with them.

Wear long earrings with short dos such as pixie cuts, short blowouts, and mohawks, and with long hair styled into up-dos.


3. Style with your neckline in mind.

Style your long earrings with off-shoulder and strapless looks, and with blouses and tops with plain necklines.


4. Make fitting necklace choices

You most probably don’t need to wear long earrings with a necklace.

If you must, seek balance. Pair with long chains whose upper design (around the neck) does not clash with your earrings, and if you go the short route, pair with an elegant choker.


5. Invest

Buy well. Choose elegant designs, and if you’re a Yakutti fan, buy from brands that not only design well but also share your values.


And as it turns out, Yakutti’s current best seller just happens to an elegant pair of long earrings from Kipato Unbranded. Check them out!

Happy Slayin’!


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