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Is there such a thing as too much jewelry: when to wear statement jewelry to the office and everywhere else

Our muse for gorgeous statement jewelry, especially statement necklaces, is one formidable Diane Lockhart. If you’re yet to claim a corner office at a top Chicago law firm though, you might struggle to create bold expressions of personality and personal style, however authentic. Is there such a thing as too much jewelry? When do you know when your are overdoing it? And when to wear statement jewelry that authentically defines your personal style, a personal style that accurately depicts the person you are and want to bring to the work place.

Striking the balance so that personal style is a tool that advances your personal and professional goals can be difficult, but once you get a hang of it, it’s effortless. We have some tips for how to get comfortable with bold and unique accessorizing, and when to wear statement jewelry that stands out with you.

1. Start by accessorizing casual looks with statement jewelry

Accessorizing casual outfits when the stakes are low is a good strategy for getting comfortable with statement jewelry. Use statement accessorizing that completes casual outfits and pulls them together. For instance, long bold chains that drape with boho maxis, sculptural bracelets that complement structured blouses, sleekly structured statement earrings that complement minimalist outfits and hair-cuts, etc.



2. Acquire statement pieces that reflect an element of your personal style

Statement jewelry draws attention to itself, so the more closely aligned it is to your personal style, and your values the better. Get quirky statement jewelry to reflect your art-deco tastes, get boldly colored jewelry to reflect your love for the limelight, acquire sustainably jewelry to reflect your belief in your personal responsibility to live consciously, purchase pieces from across cultures to reflect your interest in travel.

If you are wearing statement jewelry that draws complements and starts conversations, it might as well start conversations about the kinds of things that you care about.


3. Use statement jewelry to layer interesting silhouettes and looks

Layer a statement necklace as a bib beneath your collars, get a quirky choker to peak from beneath the collar of your shirt, layer a statement brooch from beneath the lapels of a structured blazer(guess who inspired this idea!?), stack a statement but sleekly designed bracelet with your puffy sleeves, layer jewelry in the same color as the rest of your outfit. . . Create new interesting looks by layering statement jewelry with the details of your outfit



4. Elevate classics and essentials

If your statement jewelry completes the rest of your looks, it should add to classics and essentials. Accessorize simple solid colored tees with statement jewelry that instantly transforms your look and accessorize LBDs and other sheath dresses with jewelry that elevates them.



5. Accessorize revealing cuts

Fill a plunging neckline with a bold chain, add a pendant or long statement earrings to your off-shoulder cuts. Embrace sexy confidently while drawing attention away, or at least distracting it.


Now get to rocking bold!

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