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Stacked Rings: All The 3 Tips You Need To Create A Gorgeous Ring Stack

One, two… seven rings! This season, the trend is to adorn a multitude of fingers in the prettiest, most sparkly of rings. When your skin is bronzed and glowing, a fine dusting of metallic jewelry spread over several fingers is simply stunning. So how do you get striking stacked rings just right? Sit tight – we’ll show you how!

1. Start by picking One base color

Stacked rings look best when they have one base color that ties in and harmonizes the look and upon which the entire stack is built. Take gold, for example. Spread several dainty gold pieces across both hands and wear them on different heights on each finger. Rich, dramatic gold is simply sublime when worn against tanned summer skin.

Sticking to one color creates a generally elegant look. But should you want to take it up a notch, throw in a few rings with accents of colored gemstones to match your outfit of the day. Your stacked rings add another dimension to your ensemble with your own unique twist.


2. Start With What You Already Have

We’re all for topping up your collection with new items each season, but that doesn’t mean your old favorites can’t get in on the fun too. We love how Kate Bosworth has styled her left hand here. You’ll see her wedding band and engagement ring on her left finger and then on the other fingers, she opts for a set of matching rings with differently sized gemstones plus a cheeky midi ring on the middle finger. Get a similar style by playing around with various shapes and colors to find what you like best.

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3. Mix Your Metals

Okay, we know we said to stick to one color when it comes to an elegant stack. Here’s the thing though: when done correctly, clashing metals can make an electric mix. This look combines bright gold, brushed silver and pearls complete with silver nail polish. The combination is gorgeous, especially when worn with a pure white top and edgy leather pants.


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