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Styling Dainty Necklaces: How to layer necklaces

If you have hanged out at Ysttyle severally before, you know that we love dressing powerfully. No piece of jewelry have we found to transform our outfits into powerful impact than the statement necklace. Turns out, embracing the art and fun that is styling and stacking dainty necklace pieces can have glamorous results too. See below for style tips on how to layer necklaces.
1.The general rule of thumb is to start with thinner shorter strands, and to then progress to chunkier longer pieces ( and we might add that rules of thumb exist to be broken . . .).

With rule of thumb broken:

2.Take the style and size of the pendants and/or embellishments into consideration too – those with longer dimensions or larger sizes work better on the last longer strands than on the shorter ones. In a set of three, for instance, you might start with a short charm necklace, then have a mid-length small-pendant necklace, then finish up with a long lariat style necklace — see our board for inspiration.

3.You don’t have to stack your dainty necklaces. If you’re going for delicate glamor, a dainty strand that rests just below your neck, with an embellished pendant or bar will do the trick – think a line of crystal or one of pearls for embellishments.

4.In absolute love with statement necklaces but love the idea of stacked necklaces? Get to experimenting with stacked statement necklaces! Choose necklaces with similar or near similar designs, and those whose length allow them to rest right above each other.

5.Pair wisely lest your stacked dainty necklaces disappear behind patterns, or your stacked statement ones looking garish. We love pairing a dainty stack of three with plunging necklines. You will too!

Happy stacking up!
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