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How To Style A Sculptural Wooden Bangle: Zunguka Bangle

It defines sculptural, it screams statement, and it’s so uniquely elegant in black and gold. You could style it however you want, after all the bold don’t mind redefining fashion faux pas. That said, our favorite look has this unique wooden bangle co-accessorized with dainty rings in gold, and with a 3-necklaces stack, also dainty and in gold.

On a night out, we’d pair this accessory set with a black cocktail dress, a black jumpsuit or a black romper.

For everyday looks, this piece is best worn with outfits that have no sleeves or those that have sleeves with small volumes. We have in mind skinny jeans paired with a sleeveless long blouse in flowing delicate fabric, or a flowing maxi dress also sleeveless and in a romantic palette and light fabric.

Whatever your choice,  consider balancing out the sturdiness of this wooden bangle’s sculptural structure, with the delicateness of a draping fabric or a romantic color palette.

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