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In Spring: Underrated Jewelry Pieces That Might Just Shake Up Your Wardrobe

Revolutionizing a wardrobe that primarily constitutes jeans and t-shirts, neutral colors, or skirts and shirts, and which undoubtedly might feel boring
and monotonous, is not a hard task.

It becomes a more daunting one, when your wardrobe seems to have it all– the diversity, the boldness, the colorfulness – but still feels monotonous.

Accessories and jewelry help personalize different styles, and exploring the following underappreciated options might just work to add flair, individuality
or surprise to your everyday outfits.

1. Stacked rings

A simple way to transform any basic outfit, and attract attention to a stylish clutch or a well-done manicure. Stacked thin dainty rings yield a simple
yet non-basic look. Do not overdo ornate rings.

2. Charm bracelets

Decorate one of these with meaning and memories. Get matching charms to match a conservative style, or mix up gemstones, glass beads and trendy trinkets for the ultimate charm. See here for a list of dos and donts for your charm purchase

Try beautiful barefoot sandals for on a perfect day on the beachComplete a nice looking manicure with a ring to wrist bracelet

3. Ring to wrist bracelets

These have a rich history, as signified by their various other names – slave bracelets or harem bracelets. They were used as a medium of exchange, and to signify slave status in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Some cultures used them to signify sex slave status too.

In the contemporary world, they are just fashionable accessories. Elaborate ones add individuality to elegant outfits, but any stylish ring to wrist bracelet will, like stacked rings, complement a nice looking clutch or a beautiful manicure.

4. Chokers

These date as far back as 19th century. You will catch glimpses of them on ballerinas, but also on prostitutes, in 19th century Manet and Degas paintings. Much later, chokers constituting layers of pearls entered the realms of royalty as seen on Queen Alexander of Denmark.

Invest in one or two to give your outfits an edgy finish. Look up Rihanna for choker inspiration, whether or not she’s your fashion idol.

What more, they are currently trendy!

5. Fascinators

Ultimate go to piece for a complete vintage look, or even for royal elegance. Strive for balance. Large fascinators might look overdone on slick straight hair, or in casual events; wear medium sized fascinators to your favorite symphony.

Look up Kate Middleton for fascinator inspiration!Stylishly beat bad hair days and hot days

6. The hat

Complete your spring and summery look with a fedora, or beat bad hair days and the summer heat with stylish floppy wide-brimmed hats.

7. Barefoot sandals

Complete your perfect pedicure with a pair of these. Perfect for a day on the beach, at the park, at a friend’s barbeque, or for pearly events, weddings included.

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