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Towards A Sophisticated Wardrobe: Elegant Jewelry Sets

Sophistication is in the eye of the beholder. This statement is only a little further from the truth. Ultimately we will have a different opinions for how closely styles fall on the sophistication scale, but there is an expectation that defining sophistication is a polished elegance, a self-assured confidence that alluring splendor is possible with only a little ostentatiousness but with a generous dose of grace.

Anyway, now that we are done with that sentence that so conspicuously managed to define sophistication while failing at being sophisticated, find in our Niku Singh designer boutique, inspiration for styling sophisticated looks with elegant jewelry.


Niku Singh Semi Precious And Brass Elegant Jewelry Set

Where most people going for elegance would shy from colored gemstones, Niku Singh manages to make a unique and assorted set of 5 types of semi precious stones constituting black onyx, garnet, blue agate, amethyst, rose quartz, hematite and tiger’s eye stones. The stones are then set in round brass rings which avoid the glitz of gold while capturing the grounded attractiveness of brass.

The slightly muted palettes of the semi precious stones give the piece an understated allure, with the variety giving them a decided presence.

The set comes in a bracelet and necklace combo. Matching accessories is an art form of the past so we wouldn’t recommend you wear them together. Of more importance though, is that each piece is sufficient an elegant statement on its own.



Styling the necklace

1. Embellish work appropriate necklines

Add elegant charm to your dresses and blouses that have boat and crew necklines.


2. Accentuate v-necks

Fill in your v-necks with an alluring set of brass rings and beautiful stones.


3. Bejewel bare necklines

Accessorize your strapless or off shoulder formal outfits and dress up casual outfits in similar cuts.



Styling the bracelet

We have a range of ideas for styling this bracelet — it just makes it so easy!


1.Wear with your formal and cocktail dresses

It is just delicate enough to allow such pairing.


2.Stack with your timepiece.

Add edge to your outfit with a stacked arm. 

A golden watch will work best. But so will one with white or black straps.

If you’re a rule-breaking fashion renegade, why don’t you try stacking it with a silver watch?


3. Pair with delicate blouses

This piece will do a good job adding accessory refinement to your already fine chiffon/cashmere blouse look.


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