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Unapologetically Serena Williams. And the jewelry tips she would back us on

“It’s shameful that our society penalizes women just for being themselves.” Serena Williams writes for Harper’s Bazaar. And she has had to endure more than her share of penalties. Media commentators making racist and sexist remarks about her appearance and her strength have always seemed unimpressed by her hard work and commitment to a sport she loves and triumphs in. It is a tragedy actually that our celebration of these virtues should be so tarnished.

Yet, we now live in a world in which a woman once derided for “lugging around breasts that are registered to vote in a different US state from the rest of her” has graced the covers of fashion magazines and flaunted un-retouched nudity in all its glory. Such a world rejects singular beauty standards that are set by the Trumps, it rejects a world in which women’s bodies are gazed upon, judged and policed, it attempts to define beauty authentically, honestly, fairly, because let’s be honest, beauty needs definition. Our obsessions with unhealthy thinness and with eternal youth in which the fashion models that sell women beauty look like children and anorexics is life-robbing. So when the universe gifts us the life-affirming strong, passionate, and becoming woman-hood that is Serena Williams, we are all here for it!

Head over to Serena William’s essay for some strong-woman camaraderie. And while at it, borrow the following tips that make for gorgeous accessorizing.

1. Keep statement earrings statement

Notice how Serena pairs her statement drop earrings with a dainty chain, and keeps her super long earrings unpaired. If you invest in and wear a statement pair, let it do the significant accessorizing it was supposed to.


2. Stack an elegant wrist

Stylish stacks that include your timepiece and a matching bracelet make for some sophisticated chic. The bracelet need not match the time-piece, but the more thoughtful its details the better.


3. Spot a beautiful anklet for your ankle strap

This is such brilliant pairing. And an easy transition if you will be trying anklets for the first time. We will be trying it absolutely!

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