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Unlikely tips from the Oscars: Styling chic chokers and short strand necklaces

What necklace to wear with which outfit, with which necklines, with which earrings, with which hair cuts? We found 3 easy stylish pairings from — you’d never guess it! — the Oscars! Sometimes the elegant, even the glamorous, is simple.

1. Layer dazzling layers on a high neck

You can cover up and simultaneously bedazzle — if you know just how to do it right.

2. Pair a narrow plunge with a short strand that rests at the top

Plunging necklines don’t always call for long chains that plunge along. This is especially brilliant accessorizing fora narrow plunge.

3. Upgrade your blazer looks

Your tuxedo blazer really doesn’t need an upgrade, your other blazers do. Get a beautiful short strand to peek elegantly from beneath the lapels

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