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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Best Friend: 5 Perfect Gifts For Your Person

It’s one of our favorite women’s friendship on TV, and this Valentine’s Day, we think the Meredith or Christina in your life deserves some love, or a lot of love. We have some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for your best friend, and we think they are perfect!

1. Beautiful jewelry pairs

They don’t have to be identical, but they can have similar meaningful stories.

Speaking of, we do have a gift guide for jewelry pairs. Have a look!

2. A vintage wine opener

This is in honor of all the evenings you show up at her doorstep with a bottle of wine. Feel free to throw in some Olivia-Pope-style wine glasses!

3. A scented candle

She can light it in her bathroom on those days when a luscious bath feels like the ultimate solution.

4. A cozy knit blanket for her couch

You’ll probably share it with her on those nights you stay in to watch tv, talk careers, talk boys, or just drink. We’d explore Etsy.

5. A collage frame

Fill it with your shared silly selfies and milestone photos. You will be tempted to fill in all the slots, but leave one or two just to be unselfish.

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