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3 daring ways: How to wear monochromatic outfits that are both elegant and fashion forward

Color blocking is guaranteed to make your outfit impactful, but turns out, knowing how to wear monochromatic outfits can do that too. If that sounds a little daunting, that is because it is — wearing the same color from head to toe can look drab. Or to borrow from another fashion editor, it can be the sure fire way to look like a highlighter pen! Ouch.

So how to not look like a highlighter pen? Start in deep end with an elegantly bold selection of colors

1. Try rich neutrals

Rich neutrals and utility tones in browns, tans, camel tones and rich beiges are currently a blend of fashion-forward and rustic sophistication. Try them head to toe by mixing textures and fabrics.


2.Go pastely

Dress in a much softer tone of your favorite color from head to toe. It’s the best mix there is of understatement done boldly.


3. Bejewel

If doing statement boldly is more your thing, then go for stronger jewel colors. Our favorite looks in these category are emeralds, burgundies, and eggplants.

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