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Our Top 3 Party Outfit Trends This Summer Are Steals From San Junipero 80s

The future is bright in San Junipero where younger versions of the dead can live for eternity thanks to a virtual reality system that uploads their consciousness. If you haven’t watched Black Mirror’s 4th episode, you should, and lucky for you it’s streaming on Netflix. Thereafter, steal Kelly’s party looks because the 80s are in vogue this summer and they have plenty to lend to party outfit trends.

Here are our favorite steals from Kelly’s 80s party outfits.

1. Lustrous skin-tight pants

This is our favorite one. She wears hers in a darker palette and with booties, but we’d take it up a notch with bright jewel colors – think emerald, mauve or ruby – and stilettos.

And if you’re invested enough, you might try those pairs with built-in stilettos.

2. Sequins

You could go all out in a all-sequined blazer like Kelly, but we prefer chic party dresses with elegantly sequined parts.

3. Layered neckline swank

Noticed the mix of both dainty chains and ostentatious beads? You might even be able to get some dainty pieces from us.

You future as the life of the party just got as bright as San Junipero’s future of eternal youth!

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