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4th of July Outfit Ideas: What We’re Reading. And What We’re Totally Not Wearing.

Need some inspiration for 4th of July outfit ideas? We love blue. And we love stripes. But they are both so easy to wear so we bet there will be lots of blue and lots of blue stripes worn on that day.

Our verdict? Don’t do blue. Don’t do stripes. Do all white with thoughtful touches of red. Think a white shirt dress, short or midi, worn with a pair of navy espadrilles – perfect for comfortably standing around the barbecue – and accessorized with a hands-free crossbody bag.

And since 4th of July is a perfect opportunity to peddle that which we are selling – we are not the only peddling culprits! – under the promise that your holiday will be notches better once you buy, here’s our July 4th Edit.

And to wrap up a meaningful celebration, our to-do list wills us to:

1. Read herstory

Matriculating students are rushing for the History major curious to find out how, when, what, went so wrong. It’s a good idea if you ask us.

Only we’ll read about people – women, people of color, immigrants – whose contributions have been erased from mainstream history. We most definitely would be better off as a society had everyone’s voice mattered.

2. Reflect and be grateful

The Buddhist tenet, life is suffering, has such awe-striking truth. In the face of the undervaluing of black lives, the perpetuation of hate crimes, the deterioration of governance, sociopolitics can feel hopeless.

But just as we find our own little joys in the suffering that is life, there is a lot to be grateful for. Celebrate the parts you most love about your national heritage.

3. Also do something

Make a contribution of whatever you have, time, money, choice, to causes that will make all of us better. Volunteer at a shelter, donate to a non-profit, excel at and make a difference with your job.

Happy Independence Day!

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