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Airport style: these 3 are the travel pro’s ideas for chic meets comfort

Don’t underestimate the semblance of calm and control that good airport style can give you in the face of awful layovers, unexpected delays and the tiring jostling of crowds. In the same way personal style grounds your identity and contributions elsewhere, airport style channels your best in a stressful environment that should otherwise channel your worst.

And if you would like to avoid style that works against you, we have some ideas for a don’t list: shorts, rompers and other short hemlines that have you shivering in the plane and that have your skin exposed to the grime of airport seats — unless of course you lounge pass and business class check-in and boarding guarantees that you will not be the thousandth person on an airport seat on the day you travel.

Here are some ideas for chic outfits that blend comfort and style for your flights

1. Chic separates

Pair bottoms that have great coverage with a chic top in comfortable fabric. Crop tops are a stylish alternative to tees. Pair them with a high waisted bottom, for instance a maxi skirt, a midi skirt, or wide-legged pants. We prefer the latter!


2. Elevated athleisure

Jogger pants? Jeggings? Sweatpants? Yes, we did just say sweatpants! A pair of heels will transform a sweats’ look from frumpy to stylish instantly. So will a structured blazer or jacket.

And yes, for those of us who wear heels everywhere this sounds all good, but if that’s not you, try a pair of white sneakers and a structured blazer.



3. Maxi hemlines

Try a solid-colored maxi dress, especially one in rich tones, and you have a sophisticated look without any of the work. Or pair a knitted top with a maxi skirt. You could try a jumpsuit too, but you probably don’t want all trips to tiny plane toilets to require so much creativity.


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