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Borrowing From Royalty: Making A Case For Our Favorite Color And Outfit Of The Season

We think building a personal aesthetic is fun. It’s an individual method of self representation and expression. It takes time, and hard work, but after a couple of years, we develop a personal wardrobe signature, and dressing as individually stylish as we really are becomes second nature.

I digress. People who think that fashion is time consuming and the results not worth the effort have a daily uniform – usually, a significant part or the entire uniform is in black. And people who do not think fashion is time consuming, but are yet to garner enough boldness to experiment, result to black, and other dark palettes close to black. It’s worse now that its cold and dull in the north. Everything is grey and black, including our wardrobes.

The trick to “distinctively stylish” couldn’t be easier. We recommend colored palettes, but there is something special about whites (and off-whites such as ivory, cream, and oyster). It’s crisply elegant, and distinguishing in a stately sort of way, with zero risk of appearing kitsch as might other distinguishing colors.

And our favorite elegant outfit for a sophisticated women’s wardrobe?  The white coat dress —  it self sufficiently will not need outer add-ons especially since it will most likely have long sleeves, it has an unusual cut that makes it stand out among dresses, and what’s not love about an outfit beloved by royalty — see Kate Middleton in our boards below

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Remember when we weren’t taking any of that “no white after labor day” moonshine!


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