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Fashion Trends: 5 Summer 2016 Obsessions

Timeless sophistication and distinct style fascinates us more than fashion trends do. Even then, we have a couple of favorites from current fashion trends.

Explore our boards. Find your favorites with which to infuse some newness into your summer wardrobes.


The slip dress

Easily slip into draping luxurious fabric, made into a gorgeous slip dress, for an effortlessly sexy look. Some have styled it for a day out, but we would wear it in silky silver or gold for that perfect romantic evening.

Vintage Florals

Read Little House  on the Prairie? This summer we like the idea of the prairie dress, complete with floral patterns, light colors, and decidedly demure necklines.


The denim mini

You could go for the classic A line, or you could try more edge with an asymmetrical hemline. Either way, your summer tastes couldn’t be edgier in one of these


Voluminous sleeves

Cut a stylish 70s silhouette in voluminous sleeves for a dramatic addition to your summer tops and dresses.


Wide-legged glamor

Style your bottom in wide legged pants and wide-legged culottes for a boldly sophisticated look.


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