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4 Favorite Styles From Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

There were strong bold prints, blocked color combinations, flowing volumes and playful hemlines. Glamor, some of it understated and some of it ostentatious, graced a runway that, despite any of our reservations, was a beautiful celebration of African Fashion. We picked 4 favorite styles from Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. We might be adding them to our wardrobes pretty soon.

1. Lavish silhouettes

We love the sleek fabrics in these, so beautifully crafted into current looks such as off shoulder cuts, cropped tops and voluminous sleeves. (Farida’s Atelier)



2. Bold peplums

We’ve been fans of peplums for a while now, but we absolutely love how big and bold and stylish these ones are.(Da Viva)

A photo posted by Ijeoma Amagwula (@ije__) on



3. Sexy modesty slit

We love how the top part on this slit has the pieces wrapped over each other – gives the look a sexy appeal without hints of scandal. (Cynthia and Angel Designs)




4. Sophisticatedly blazered

Their silhouettes are sophisticated, their prints elegantly subtle, and the color choices on their fabrics and on accompanying accessories absolutely brilliant.(Lanre Lagos)

We actually really do love these!


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