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Building An Exciting Spring Capsule Wardrobe:4 Sexy Additions

It’s that time of the year when we start looking forward to spring and missing all the springly fashion more acutely. We always scour the catwalks looking for exciting additions, but as it turns out, style trumps fashion most of the time, well, all the time to be honest.

Here’s our list of 5 exciting additions, that will always work wonders for your spring capsule wardrobe. They will work for every spring regardless of what is advertised as trendy.

1. All in with lengths

Midi or maxi is where we’re at every spring. Add elegant flowy length to your bottoms. Our favorite look, a midi dress with a playful rounded skirt, paired with lace up flats or heels, and accentuated with tastefully colored accessories.

2. Edgy volume

Billowing layered pleats on dresses and skirts, short ruffles on A-line dresses, layered chiffon on maxi dresses, extra wide culottes, flowing cape sleeves, the list could go on. Experiment with everything that has sophisticated volumes!

3. Sexy reveal

All this talk about length and volume might wrongly suggest all covered up. Not necessarily. A long side slit is all the sexy your maxi lengths need.

4. Decidedly colored

There is no middle. You’re either in a delicate romantic palette (think roses, skies), in an intense bold one (crimson, yellow, eggplant), or in a metallic/shiny one (sequins and metallics for late nights out).

5. Flirty flowers

No pattern heralds a spring like romantic florals. They can be patterned on flowy chiffons or embroidered on edgy denims.
Happy spring-upgrading!


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