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How To Ready Your Wardrobe For A Powerfully Elegant Year Ahead

Been staring underwhelmed at your wardrobe lately? It’s a sign. You need an upgrade.

Hopefully some holiday gifts made things look up a bit. Even then, reconceptualizing your wardrobe to dress you up to be the person you hope to be in 2016, is  a sure way to lighten up your mornings and hype up your energy as the year begins.

We do not recommend cleaning up the stores, or your credit cards. We, however, do recommend thoughtfully identifying gaps, then filling these with high quality basics, and polishing up with fashion forward chic.

How to identify gaps? If you’re always struggling to string together your favorite pieces, you might have a basics’ problem? Are you always wearing or struggling to avoid wearing your single favorite silk shirt or camisole under your pencil suit? Does your daily uniform constitute grays, navies and blacks (we really hope not), some of which have lost their vividness?

If feeling well dressed is now only limited to 2 outfits in your wardrobe, and if you have little fun deciding what to wear, you probably have your basics covered, but are slacking on chic factor.

Whatever gaps you’ll be filling as we start over, we wish you happy selection from our take on 2016’s most exciting additions, and a powerfully elegant year ahead.


1. Striped color blocks

Color blocking was in vogue this past year. It still is, but we are more excited about bold stripes. You can reserve them for one piece, or for your entire outfit. The latter has more chic factor, and definitely more power factor.


2. Delicately romantic

Your ruffles, chiffons, lace and sheer details, on blouses layered under work blazers, or on mini or maxi dresses and skirts won on days out with the girls or with the boy (mainly the latter), all in delicate rose quartz (pantone 2016 pink) or serenity (pantone 2016 blue) pastels.


3. Fringes

These have been around for a while. We think the trend is wearing out, but is a great way to pull off statement accessories in an understated sort of way.


4. Boldly red

trade up your elegantly black to elegantly red – an unabashedly rich red, that is, well, red. See our board for inspiration.


5. In suede.

We are totally into the suede midi skirt, especially one in caramel tones. An A-line knee-length one will do, but we prefer a straight midi, one with a slit at the front, and one we can probably use to bring back the spring allure of the crop top or the light denim shirt.


6. Playful waists

Tap into your high fashion genius with paper bag waists. We prefer them on pants or culottes, especially pairs paired with form fitting tops. To even elevate your genius higher, go for metallic/futuristic fabric, color and/or appearance.


7. Off-shoulder X

All your party and evening outfits need to be seriously 2016, is an off-shoulder cut that features round-the-neck straps. We haven’t tried this on your average LBD, but it will work elegantly on your jumpsuits and long evening dresses.

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We’ll be reviewing men’s 2016 wardrobes next. Stay tuned!


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