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If You Must Own A Necklace, Let It Make A Statement

It must come across by now. The fact that I love TV shows, especially those that have excellent costume designers and stylists dressing powerful women, those from which you find volumes in style inspiration including inspiration for how to wear a statement necklace.

I should feel guilty about the amount of TV I can watch, but I have managed to convince myself that it is ok, especially as I will get into TV business at a later date!

There! Dream with me if you catch yourself watching more TV than you want to admit.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, be on the lookout for those gorgeous statement necklaces you will spot on Diane Lockhart of the Good Wife. They range from layers of pearls to thick chains in neutral palette that in other circumstances might look hideous, but which paired with a corner-office-bound dress spell volumes about confidence and personality.


Below, find a quick guide for styling your statement necklace.


1. Balance

This is the single most important factor to consider. Balance your statement necklace against other accessories, and against the outfit you’re wearing.

Keep all other accessories simple. You will definitely want to avoid huge dangling earrings, and stacked up bracelets, as these may make your look clownish. By balancing your statement necklace with other less imposing accessories, your statement necklace gets to stand out as it should.


2. Let it be statement, actually

It’s a statement necklace because it attracts attention to itself. Thus, be sure that you’re not uncomfortable with your audience’s eyes resting on your upper torso.

Then just let it be. Contrast clothes in neutral palettes with a statement necklace in bright color; pair your necklace with wide-necked, off-shoulder, wide plunges and strapless outfits.

Statement necklaces make a great pairing for boldly revealing necklines.


3. Shape and proportions matter

Necklaces with long strands work best on outfits with long hems that lengthen your silhouette, that way your statement necklace is just long enough. Short hems can work with both long and short strands.

Ensure that the shape of your necklace does not clash with the shape of your top’s neckline. For instance, a necklace whose single or multiple pendants form a V shape will work better with a plunging neckline, than one that forms a U shape.

You can definitely pull off a long pendant over your turtle necks and buttoned down shirts, but An elaborate bib necklace on your buttoned shirt or on a turtle neck has more chic.


4. A twist sets you apart

Have fun with your statement necklace.

Find unusual shapes. Experiment with the hideously pretty. Diane Lockhart is your inspiration here!

Break some rules. For instance, while a statement necklace may be a bit much paired with patterned outfits, try long strands that stand out on patterns that have neutral colors, or those that contrast with your necklace. For instance, brightly colored strands may work wonders on monochromatic stripes.

Good luck finding the statement necklace you will fall in love with!

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