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Should you too join Alicia Keys’ No-Makeup Movement?

“Do you,” was Alicia Key’s response to disapproval following her makeup-free appearance at the VMAs.

‘Cause I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.

We do think there’s something to be said for the unapologetic self-acceptance and “I don’t care what they think” stance that goes into opting for no makeup.

The decision to wear makeup might seem like an individual one, but it sometimes isn’t. Alicia keys might have been unable to make it  a couple of years ago when she was relatively unknown. And as a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton might not have afforded to have an entire campaign appearance reduced to whether she had makeup on or not. For all stances, including the no-makeup one, one must make a choice based on what the rationale and the costs are. You do not have to make a stance on makeup. But you probably should, should you get to the point where it imprisons you, where you are frightened by your own skin, where you’re unnerved by the thought of leaving your house for a run makeup-free, where you’re terrified that a crush might see your real face. Moreover, reducing your concealing options might get you on a rigorous skin care routine that is ultimately healthier.  

Make your jewelry collection work for your no-makeup stance. If you do choose to take a makeup free stance, or to increase the number of your makeup-free days, we have some jewelry tips to keep you looking and feeling as chic as ever.  

1. Choose earrings that work

Choose the right earrings and let them frame your face for you. Choose elongated earrings for a round face, choose ones with soft or rounded edges for a square face, and ones with broad bases for a heart-shaped face.  

2. Work on your hair

Makeup-free does not mean unkempt. Having great-looking hair accentuates your features, and emphasizes the deliberateness of your natural look.  

3. Wear hair/head accessories

A fedora hat will do for whichever season — it adds edge to your outfit while protecting both your hair and your face. A head wrap has a relaxed feel that will match your unmade face and your athleisure look. Well-selected pins and headbands will work for your bohemian look, and you might even try a fascinator for occasions and high-fashion days.  

4. A delicate chain

Match the fineness of your makeup-free face with the understated elegance of a good chain. You might even stack two of them.   Read more on Alicia Key’s beauty routine here. Create an account to receive content updates, share your style photography and get exclusive jewelry collections at member prices!

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  1. A woman seems to have a lot of pressure on the way they look especially in the entertainment industry and this doesn’t seem fair at all. Earlier this year Alicia Keys took the step to stop these expecations from people by starting the #nomakeup movement, she has been to several events and occasions with a bare face to prove this point. It’s very strange as people also tend to search for celebrities without makeup online, but if they step out like that for real a huge discussion arises. It’s nice to see that people like you have started to discuss these matters as well to create awareness in our society.

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