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Refine Your Power Wardrobe With These 4 Fashion-Forward Fall Colors

“Color has an effect on our psyche, it’s always affecting us whether we are aware of it or not.”

A color therapist told a new girl on the team. She was shy, and spent days quietly hunched over her computer. The story ends happily, with her wardrobe converted from it’s hitherto dark palette to a more cheerful one, and her confidence boosted at her new job.

Moral of the story? Simply add color to your wardrobe!

Studies have been conducted, theories constructed, and beliefs become accepted regarding color. Red and violet boost energy levels, and apparel in reds create the perception that their wearer is attractive and in charge, blue is calm and projects an image of integrity, yellow is optimistic…and the list could go on.

Whether you are a color psychology skeptic or not, it does feel great to be in control, to cover all your bases. If your blue suit might just secure you that investment deal, and if your red dress might just distract your opposing counsel in court. . . why not? Moreover, other people’s perceptions aside, in our experience, a bleak day’s outlook improves significantly with a great-looking special outfit.

It turns out that colors have trends too. Find a list of top ten for Fall 2015 here.

Here’s our favorite list of 4 that we believe will add fashion-forward sophistication to your power wardrobe. (Scroll through our pin board for inspiration)


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Stormy weather

It’s a cool shade of grey that would look great paired with neutral palettes, and especially with white.

A great alternative to ordinary grey and black on those days you’re out to assert authority, stylishly


Biscay bey

A version of blue, bordering on teal.

Heard the flip side that blue can appear frigid? A cashmere blouse, or a dress in biscay bay may be how you establish approachability, while cutting a fashionable figure at the same time.


Amethyst orchid

It’s vibrantly confident – great for less serious days, for Fridays, and for working holidays.

If you are absolutely in love, as we are, and want to have the option to pull it off on more serious days, opt for more serious cuts, darker shades or conservative pairings.



This makes us think of a very safe red. A great shade, but we think burgundy has much more character.


Happy shopping!


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