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So You Are Graduating?

You made it! You will want to look and feel great, for yourself, but also for all the doting friends and family. The pictures you take will undoubtedly make their way to stately frames in at least one home for years to come.

Even if they don’t (unlikely), there will be many occasions when they will be shown to future generations.

Here are style inspirations to guide your preparation for your big day.


1. The winning outfit – dress for greatness

This is when balancing fashion-forward and classic, sassy and conservative, makes all the difference. Stay off the trendiest, shortest or tightest outfits – you will be hanging out with yours and your friends’ grandparents and uncles, and you do not want to regret your choices.

Consider a chic dress – at least knee-length or just above the knee dress – and preferably one in a bright color to add a little magnificence.

You could also decide on an elegant skirt paired with a silk women’s shirt, just as long as it doesn’t keep rotating uncomfortably around the waist. We prefer the dress though.

It can get pretty hot beneath the gown depending on where you are, so prefer breathable comfortable fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk, and go for sleeveless or short sleeves – choose off shoulder or spaghetti straps styles with caution as they might be too revealing.

Most likely than not, the gown will look bulky, stay off bulky/voluminous styles.


2. Jewelry – choose statement and understated combos
Pearls or jewelry studded small earrings are classy. Bigger ones might work elegantly with a raised up-do and wide neckline, but avoid overdone dangling ones especially considering how many people you’ll be hugging.

Have a statement piece that everything else accentuates. For instance a statement necklaces with understated earrings and a ring, or an elegant stacked ring set with a simple chain – the former is more practical for graduation, but experiment with what best works with your individual style and your selected outfit.


3. Keep your feet stylish and happy

The gown will hide your well-thought outfit for the most part of the day, so consider stylish shoes that stand their own ground.

Nothing spoils a day than aching toes. To be on your best on a day full of marches and photo poses, opt for comfort – definitely stay off your sexy stilettos and strappy heels.

Consider pointed-toe flats or ankle-strap flats as they have a sophisticated edge that plain ones lack. See here for elegant flats.

If flats are unimaginable for your graduation, go for stylish kittens (a pointed toe will work wonders here too), and if that is barely enough, go a notch higher in stylish but comfortable wedges or heeled pumps (expensive ones will most likely be more comfortable than cheap ones).

Other considerations to make include: if you’ll walk on grass or cobble stone avoid thin heels that will sink into the grass or get stuck in cobblestones; if you’re unusually tall (relative to your friends and family) consider heel heights that will not leave you towering awkwardly over everyone else in pictures; no pointed toes or open shoes without accompanying manicures


4. Makeup – Natural freshness, with a little sparkle
There will be sweating in the sun, drenching in rain, or teary moments, all of which don’t work too well with heavy layers of peeling makeup.

Go for naturally flawless, and easily correctable. Heavy worn-off makeup will give your face a tired look.

For a simply done natural glow, even out the tones using a sheer moisturizer, use a concealer moderately, brush on powder/bronzer/foundation as needed, and finish off with a natural looking blush.

Use waterproof mascara to add a little color around your eyes, add definition to your eyes with a light eyeliner, and definitely leave a little shimmer and/or feminine color on your lips


5. Finally,

A safety pin, brooch or badge will come in handy when your hood and gown fail to sit properly.

Throw a hairbrush in some ungraduating friend’s/relative’s bag if you’re leaving your unbraided.

You might need a pair of sunglasses for outdoor events – remember to keep them stylish!


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