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The 3 Sleeves That Will Add A Sophisticated Edge To Your Wardrobe

If the sleeve cuts on your outfit come as an afterthought when you are choosing your next wardrobe addition, they shouldn’t.

Sleeves can add or take away from a flattering silhouette. Making the right choice changes everything. Any outfit with a “hem or opening that falls across a limb will draw the eye to its own ending spot.” Sally Wruys writes.

Thus a cap sleeve that stops at the upper arm will emphasize the upper arm, and perhaps draw attention to your bust; a sleeveless outfit exposes the whole arm, but doesn’t draw attention to any particular part, thus it may work on full arms better than a cap sleeve; three–quarter sleeves end just at around your waist and hips and will thus accentuate any of the two depending on you body shape; and the list could go on.

Choose sleeves that add to your look and confidence by emphasizing that which you’re most comfortable with. This will work on high pressure days. On the more relaxed ones, experiment with more risky cuts. You never know what you might find!


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And speaking of cuts, here are the three we’re super obsessed with. We think these will add a bold fashion-forward edge to any wardrobe. Check them out!


The off-shoulder sleeve

On a casual Friday, this could just mean a sweater top with long sleeves that start just below the shoulder.

We are thinking of a stately dress for the art auction or the office party though, not much unlike the one Michelle Obama wore to the China state dinner, and the fashion media couldn’t stop talking about it.

Thin sheer fabric, originating from the lowest point at the back, delicately wrapped the First Lady’ arms, before getting adjoined to the front of the gorgeous dress that featured a demure yet sexy shallow and narrow v at the chest. We loved it! She just might have borrowed our tips on powerful revealing dress, and so should you!


The cape sleeves

Madam Secretary (just) might be my new favorite TV show, having beaten other great women-led TV on air currently (even the Good Wife?)! I digress.

At the diplomatic event where Elizabeth panics (just after serving as interim President and just before her tone-deaf self has to sing), she has on a black cape sleeved dress with neckline embellishments. It’s gorgeous!

Go for cape sleeves, especially ones in delicate draping fabric, to add length to your silhouette.

They don’t have to be on a dress, they can be on a top, or on a blazer with a luxurious fabric (see our board on Pinterest).


Super Sleeves

Preserve super super sleeves for high fashion, or for other events where risqué creativity is applauded – they might look ridiculous at the office as you drag them all over a worn keyboard.

These are either very long (longer than your arms), very sculptural, or unusually shaped (see our board), and they probably taper at the end to bring attention to themselves. They are bold and work best with solid colors and cuts that are minimalist (in all other respects apart from the sleeves, that is!).


Happy shopping!


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