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The Art Of Layering: 5 Looks You Will Want To Layer This Season

If you live in the North, the season is here, when some of your most elegant outfits are either grossly under worn, or worn beneath layers and layers.

The good news, is layering must not destroy your fashion. Once you’ve learned the art, dressing up over winter will become just as fun! We promise!

Here are ways to conceptualize your wardrobe so that you can love the layered outfits they create when well put together.


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Neat layered

The number one rule for getting any layered look right.

It essentially means you do not have your shirt bulging over your sweater, that you do not have overly long shirt hems hanging beneath short coats, that you do not have a peeking collar color clashing with your sweater.

Fold long shirt sleeves over your blazer or cardigan for a neat look. Wear form-fitting smooth pieces closest to the skin, with wider pieces on top.

Pay attention to balance, and limit the diversity in color, pattern and texture. Pair bulky with non-bulky, loose with form fitting – for instance, wear bulky tops with form fitting bottoms such as skinny jeans. Have 2 contrasting colors and patterns at most.


Bold layered

Best part about layering for the color-loving bold dresser.

Energize your day with beautifully contrasting colors (2 at most – see above) and beautifully contrasting patterns. We recommend polka dots along solid colors, yellow alongside blue, yellow along purple, pink and purple and our favorite from currently fashionable on pantone, amethyst orchid alongside burgundy – buy the idea of a sheath dress in orchid, a burgundy coat, a structured black clutch, and a pair of nude pumps?


Sexy layered

Fridays and weekends? Pull it off with leather accents.

A leather midi skirt, booties, and cropped blazer; a shirt dress, or a playful A-line mini with knee high leather boots under a pea coat; leather pants, and a chiffon blouse under a bulky sweater.


High fashion layered

Coats with cape sleeves or short bell sleeves, paired with ballet style leather gloves, are the all the high-fashion top styling you need.



What’s not to love about fall accessories – belt your bulky cardigans (see our board for inspiration), scarf your coats, definitely pair your high fashion layers with a fascinator.

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