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The Crop Top! It’s Stylish. It’s In Vogue.

The crop top! Many stylish women that keep off of the crop top view the bare midriff with a mixture of awe and reserve, think that a crop top only barely fits the image they seek to project in their careers and networks, are unsure they can pull off the look, or are waiting to achieve their fitness goals before they can take risks.

This, and of course the fact that she is a stylish powerful woman, might explain why Michelle Obama made fashion news when she wore a crop top on her recent trip to Cambodia and Japan. And no, there were no bare midriffs, just a pure sense of elegant chic and confident color blocks.

That’s the beauty of this multifaceted piece. It can be worn at different levels of boldness, with different kinds of ensembles, for a wide range of events. That might explain why it still is fashionable.

But since we at Ysttyle fancy ourselves to value style over fashion, individual elegance over trends, we present the crop top, bralette, minishirt, or whichever version of it you find yourself drawn to, as a treasure you can unleash  in a variety of ways.


The elegant crop

Whether it’s in an off shoulder or rolled neck style, whether it reveals a sliver or your entire midriff, you always end up with an elegant finish if you pair it with a high waisted pencil skirt, a high waisted full skirt, high waisted pants or a rigid paneled skirt that hits just below the knee.

Try elegant wide legged pants, and your stylish tricks might just fall a little short of Amal Clooney’s.


The layered crop

If you just starting out and are still shy, or there are cold winds blowing outside, creatively layering your crop with a furry coat, an oversized jacket or with denim overalls might just do the trick


The playful crop

Pair your crop with a circular playful skirt with flirty colors. Choose a skirt with a stretchy waiste band and wear it above or at your natural waiste in order to exercise control over how much skin to reveal


The sophisticated crop


High collar crops, crops with structured shoulders, or boxy cuts with long sleeves or creative layers, will almost always yield an edgy sophisticated look.


The tasteful crop

Experiment with this. Tie up a trendy tee, or a sheer shirt for a DIY crop top; wear a loose playful crop top that reveals nothing unless you want it to – for instance by lifting your hand.

Pair one of these with tailored shorts, frayed shorts or boyfriend jeans.


Prints, patterns and laces


You could wear a solid colored crop with patterns pants that distract away from your midriff, or you could wear a patterned  or laced crop.

Try African prints too.

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