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The Pre-Fall Outfit To Keep Tabs On: How To Style Culottes

The palazzo pants’ cousins that don’t go all the way to the bottom, or so we chose to characterize them. That probably makes you want to steer clear as you’ve been doing already, but it turns out, pulling off
a pair of culottes does not have to be that daunting.

Additionally, they are a great choice for the transitional weeks between seasons when weather can’t be categorized, like around now.

Besides, what’s not to love about a fashion item that designers can characterize as a ‘F-you’ piece that defies conventional sexy and is so doing confers power on the wearer!

Like in the case of wide-legged pants, the trick lies in choosing the right silhouette for you, and the fashion world does have a variety of them.

Explore our pins for inspiration on how to look elegant in a pair.


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Below, are some basics to keep in mind when selecting and wearing:


Best fit

A typical culotte is cropped at middle of the lower leg. If you’re relatively tall with long legs, this cut will most likely work.

Otherwise experiment with culottes that are cropped at the ankle to reveal a thin ankle and thus accentuate the slimness of a not slim leg; try culottes cropped at or near the knee if unsure about what a voluminous bottom will do to thin legs.


The right shoes

Balance out the wide volume with substantial shoes, Alyssa Coscaelli advices in Refinery29’s look book. You can wear heavy flats but we recommend – and you’ll look best in – a chunky-heeled pair of mules, platform sandals or slide ons.



The wider your culottes volume, the trickier it gets. Go for well-fitted tops to balance out the volume – crop tops, tucked in silks, etc.
You may also opt for flowing tops that flatter your figure especially if you’re wearing culottes that fit well at the waist.

Exercise caution with light casual fabrics that might slop off giving you a bedtime look – structured cuts and fabrics that do not just slop off will make your fabric more appropriate for evening events and for the work place (look for inspiration in pins above!)

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