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They’re Saying Summer Heat Makes You Grumpy! At Least Become A Forgivable Fashionable Grump.

Just because the mercury is at an all-time high, doesn’t mean we should have to sacrifice on style. When the summer heat seems unbearable, there a few simple tweaks that can help you stay cool no matter what the weather. Plus, now that science argues that summer heat steals our social cool and makes us grumpy, we might as well exert some control where we can — in all matters style.

1. Color Me Cool

The lighter the clothing you wear, the cooler it will keep you. As a rule of thumb, white reflects heat while black tends to attract (and retain) it. We are embracing head-to-toe white this season. This monochromatic style is a sure-fire way to stay cool all day and look the part too.


2. Do romantic feminine Cuts

A-line skirts are pretty and feminine while still keeping you cool and airy. They fit you right on the midriff which creates a beautiful silhouette, while the flared-out shape provides some much-needed relief from the heat.Pair it with a navel-skimming crop top and you’ve got a look that’s effortlessly chic yet cool (literally).

For those wanting a cute aesthetic, a romper with a cut-out shape is a great way to add some air to fitted clothing.


3. A Question of Fabrics

This one may sound obvious but stay away from heavy, thick material. Those luscious cashmeres, wools and velour fabrics are better suited to cooler temperatures.

Instead, go for thin, airy cottons and lightweight linens. If you’re worried about your outfit looking too casual, look for elegant shapes like a sheath or a shirt dress in classic cotton. Opt for clothing that lightly skims your body instead of those that cling to the skin. The last thing you want is a piece of clothing that needs to be pulled and readjusted each time you move. Keep it loose and lightweight for an easy, fuss-free summer.


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