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This Valentine’s: How To Not Have To Try Everything In Your Closet

The verdict is out! We are selecting from 3 outfits this valentine’s, if only to avoid emptying an entire wardrobe onto the bed and trying on everything we own, or  to escape hours of unfruitfully shopping for that which we might come to hate.

Well, you probably will still do all of these things, but we thought we might try. So here we go:

1. Playfully flirty

We have in mind an A-line, ruffled, pleated or any high volume dress, in a flowy breezy fabric, in a bright/delicate color palette, and we’d opt for knee
or midi length.

Pair it with a pair of pointed pumps with ankle lace ups and bring out the free-spirited romantic in you.

2. Effortlessly sexy

A shirt dress, or an elegantly simple straight dress, that barely reaches the knee, and that hardly needs a tug to fall off after the button, zipper, tie,
belt or whatever single thing is holding it in place is undone. Get the idea? Have fun.

We’d probably pair it with knee-high boots!


3. Dressed-up casual.

Try on a relaxed “I am sexy and I know it” look in a pair of skinny jeans, a sexy top in silk or chiffon, and a pair of delicate heels.


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We have a selection for the guys too. You won’t empty your entire closet on the bed, we hope, but you’ll try a million shirts, we’re sure.


a) Suit up

With everyone shying from suits – unless they are obligatory – this is the ultimate declaration of “I am who I am and want to be.”


b) Blazer up

Take the suit down notches lower — we have in mind a darkly sexy look (navy blue, bistre,elegant black, dark grey, arsenic)— dark jeans, dark
shirt, dark blazer, polished up with a pocket square in rich jewel tones (wine red, emerald, snorkel blue).


c) Comfortable finesse

Replace the coat/blazer with a fine cashmere or wool sweater. You may go a step further in a cardigan. We’d go for color that tends towards neutral but
isn’t neutral — dark blue instead of black for instance.


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