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Your Power Wardrobe: Only A Few Current Catwalk Trends Make The Cut

“What should characterize powerful/aspiring women’s fashion? Should they adopt a different set of rules that vouches for cashmeres and heeled pumps or is complete freedom possible?”

We mused over the concept of power dressing .

Perhaps power dressing is really just a journey towards a comfortable self representation, and we admit, it is much more easily achievable by people seeking a workable uniform – the entrepreneur that settles for all black because the range of color choices just makes fashion a little too time consuming; the politician that settles for the pantsuit, the sari, or the navy blue men’s suit, because over time his/her chosen outfit has come to suit his/her identity and to preserve consistency with voters and audiences.

If you’re on a journey towards a stylish, powerful, and identity-preserving uniform, do reread the article for tips.

If you fancy yourself a fashion-forward power dresser, the journey is a little more complicated, and truth be told, the designs trending on the catwalks don’t make your life easier.

“Are these designers on crack!?” One reader wondered on previewing Fall 2015 styles – see   here!

Here’s our take for what will work for the power dresser that must project authority at and out of work.


From the catwalk to your power closet


1. Fall 2015 in shoes

Stacked kittens

Seeking a fashionable break from the heel? This is sure to do it for you. Try some Mary Janes too. A rare find from current trends given that it’s wearable and practical.


Fashion Friday boots – mid- calf boots

They are chunky, and have a lean silhouette that fits your lower calf. Pair these with a midi skirt or dress.


Kalinda Sharma at work

High sexy boots. Perfect if your job description
is not that different from Kalinda’s, or if your work place is not conservative and you want your summer shirt dresses to last a while longer even after fall begins.


2. Fashion forward in 2015 office


Follow Yakutti’s board Fashion Forward in The Office on Pinterest.


High waisted

Work that long slim silhouette, or create an illusion of one. Experiment with high waisted denim or leather over the weekend!


Grey’s in vogue

The Fifty Shades reference is growing old, but yes, grey’s perfect. It’s an elegant but neutral hue, and it’s currently fashionable.


Outdoor wear in brocade, plaid, or with furry wrists

If you’d like to glam up your fall coat with a touch of class, you have options!


The victorian blouse

It has a high neck and feminine lace details. We think it makes a perfect match for the high-waisted trend


Midi lengths

Pleated skirts or dresses in midi are an in. So are culottes.


3. From Africa Fashion Week London 2015 To Bold Office-able


A bold peplum

Bigger than your usual peplum, in a brighter color than your usual peplum. Either your skirt or blazer could be peplumed


Rainbow stripe blocks

If you aren’t shy of color, solid narrow blocks of yellow, blue, red, and green, on a form fitting dress that reaches just a few inches above the knee,
might be the thing for you.


We’ll let you know what we think of the Africa Fashion Week, NY, once it happens


Tomorrow, we look at the Men’s Fall 2015 Trends.


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