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Fall Fashion 2016: Choices For The Power Dressed And Runway Trendy

Gorgeous fall colors and perfect temperatures call for as perfect a wardrobe. We scoured the style magazines and fashion weeks for fall fashion 2016 for trendy outfits that make the cut for a power-driven wardrobe, and here’s some inspiration for exciting addition that are both powerful and trendy.



Fall palettes

Borrow from your favorite fall drink! We have in mind breath-taking pencil skirts, cashmere work shirts and camisoles, and elegant trench coats, all in pumpkin spice.

Other trendy palettes to include in your fall wardrobe include show stopping reds, our favorite rule breaking color — white, and the palette we’re reclaiming — pink


Edgy color blocking

Well thought color blocking will add a fashionable edge to any outfit. For this fall, combine the femininity of soft pinks with the fun spontaneity of yellow.

Be bold now, and go on!


Suits du jour

It took us long, but aren’t we all endeared to those Clinton pantsuits.

Try novel cuts such suits whose blazers have long lengths or elegant capes.

And for bold Tuesdays, the mini skirt suit is all the danger and business you need.


Playful midi pleats

Remember Michelle at the DNC? We do too! Channel the playful bottom of her dress with the shimmying of draping fabrics and of thin pleats.


Trendy overcoats

Add sophisticated to your anti-cold repertoire with military style jackets and coats, and with plaid in stylish minimalist cuts.


Shiny nights

Steal the show while being trendy at it – pull some sexy on with slips and evening dresses in velvets, satin, sequins and metallic gold sheens. And if you need some star inspiration, well, you do have one from Gisele Bündchen.


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