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Heels Alternatives: Some Lucca Quinn Tricks For Turning Heads And Walking on Sunshine

I don’t know about your reasons for wearing heels, but I personally love the I’m-on-top-of-the-world spring I get. And if you’re a seasoned heel lover, you also know that ting of mild annoyance you feel about misplaced “will you be able to walk in those” concerns. You have, over time, figured out what type of heels work for what occasions. You have also found out that mixing up your heels’ thicknesses and lengths is a handy survival tactic. This summer, the heels alternatives to try are inspired by one Lucca Quinn, and they are fantastic. If you haven’t already run into her watching the first season of the Good Fight, you probably shouldn’t because you’re probably already watching too much TV!

But here goes. . .

Pointed-toe kittens with lace-ups/ankle straps

Always go for the pointed toe if you want a serious crisp look. Ankle straps add a subtle stylish touch, but definitely go for more elaborate lace-ups for a bolder look. Opt for thin or tapering kitten heels to retain your spring.

If you need more convincing, more inspiration can be found from Michelle Obama. And there’s a board too.

heels alternatives lucca quinn style pointed toe lace ups

Midi block heels

We love Lucca’s girly look here — low block heels paired with a pussy-bow blouse and a short skirt. Here’s where you get to be envious too if you can’t imagine going to work in so short a skirt!

And the great thing about block heels as a heel alternative is that you don’t have to give up that many inches because they are so stably comfy.

heels alternatives lucca quinn style block heels
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