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Michelle Obama’s Style AT The DNC: We Learnt A Thing Or Two About Power Dressing

Most people marveled at the classy act that was Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC. The speech carried a powerful message, and it was so elegantly worded and delivered, as was the woman delivering it. Even more powerful, is that Trump, the person the speech so skillfully tore apart without mentioning in name, thought it excellent. Huh?

Anyway, this post is about the powerful elegance of the woman that delivered the speech.

At Ysttyle, we care about building a distinctive style that is at once powerful and socially conscious. From Michelle Obama’s style, we learnt just how self and social consciousness closely intertwines with powerful self representation.


Michelle Obama’s Style Choice

A couple of weeks ago, Leslie Jones commented on Twitter about how there were no designers willing to dress her for her movie’s premiere. The implications of her tweet, given fashion’s history with race and size, were widely understood. But not everyone agreed. She had no right to expect fashion brands to dress her for free. She could go shopping as did everyone else.

She could. But this response completely missed the point. Fashion brands scrambled to dress the likes of Jennifer Lawrence. It cannot  even be argued that such a scramble was a good business decision given that 67% of women in the US wear plus-sizes (14-34).

One Christian Siriano rose to the occasion to dress Jones. And on a night when Michelle Obama’s star shone even brighter, she was wearing Siriano.


Excelling At Power Dressing

The Siriano dress excelled at power dressing. Blue has wide appeal – it is distinct without being intimidating or attention seeking. Cap sleeves are just a little demure, and a mildly playful bottom softens the powerful sophistication of a fitting all-covered top. And our style obsession from the night, the earrings, combined the timeless elegance of pearls with the fashionable edge of hook fastening.

The choice of Siriano, a gay rights activist that had done something about creating an inclusive fashion industry, was what completed the powerfulness of the dress.

Dressing powerfully does go deeper than superficially looking powerful, and Michelle Obama’s style choices on a night we’ll remember her for, were as thoughtfully considered and as befitting of intelligent and inspiring leadership as her speech was.

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  1. Michelle Obama has embraced fashion as a powerful form of communication over the past eight years. She has shown elegance and class and has not been shy to experiment with her looks either. Her fashion stylist/advisor has played such an important role for her over the years and it has been a joy to see all her looks. I love how you have talked about the First Lady Michelle Obama and I think everyone should be very thankful for the work that she has done during President Obamas time. Admire all her best fashion moments because they are completely worth it.

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