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Seductive. Powerful. Here’s What To Wear On A Date If You’re A Bold Type

We really hate to add to the hype, because let’s face it, we all want to be cool, but not like everybody else. But when it comes to loving the Bold Type, well, we’re ok being every Tom, Dick and Harry that counts down to Tuesday nights of decadent TV. And two or so episodes back, we added to our fashion arsenal more tips on what to wear on a date night. Who better to learn from than a bold-type woman defining success on her own terms and redefining feminism to include both jacket trends, sex toys and politics?

So courtesy of Jacqueline Carlyle, what tips did we add to our date night arsenal?

1. Skirt suits can be sexy

Skirt suits can be sexy! We bet you only wear yours to the office? We do too.

And they can be worn on a date. Just cinch the waist a little, and show off some skin in a trendy silhouette.

2. Gold looks great on black

You already knew this! But since black will fit in with every color in your accessories wardrobe, this tip is for the the next time you feel a little conflicted.

3. Statement pieces should run the show

That gorgeous cuff Jacqueline has on totally steals the show, though by default because there is no other competing piece of jewelry. That’s how elegance oughta be done.

what to wear on a date night if you're a bold type

what to wear on a date night to look seductively powerful

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